Waterproof Patio Speakers

TruAudio OP Series

The OP.2 Outdoor speaker delivers great sound, even in wide open spaces. A 2-way weather-proof speaker with a high power polypropylene woofer and 1″ silk soft dome tweeter makes it perfect for open-space listening.

Using their new Swivot Technology mounting system, the OP.2 gives you the flexibility to aim the OP precisely where you want the sound to go. The ewedge-shaped cabinet can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, making it easy for you to tuck these speakers up and out of the way.

The OP.2 comes in an ABS cabinet built to handle outdoor conditions. The grill is aluminium with brass fittings to prevent rusting and corrosion. Soundas big and beautiful as the great outdoors.

At home in the outdoors, Russound’s OutBack Speakers are perfect for patios, pools, porches, decks, and backyards. Relax in a lawn chair or tend your garden while enjoying your favorite tunes in the fresh air.

Like all Russound speakers, Outdoor Speakers combine acoustic technology with durability and will provide years of musical enjoyment.
The Acclaim 5 Series line provides solutions for background music and dedicated music listening. They combine premium acoustic materials with advanced drivers to deliver exceptional performance in every application.
A key benefit to using these speakers is the high-efficiency design, which means less amplification power is needed – less power does not mean quiet!
The speaker comes with two installation options: a free-standing base and a bracket mount. The base attaches to one end of the speaker and provides a stable vertical placement option for shelf or table. The bracket mount accommodates flat surface and corner locations, plus the bracket accepts U-bolts for attaching the speaker to a pole. Once the bracket is installed, the speaker slips into slots on the bracket so you don’t have to hold the speaker in place while securing it. The bracket and speaker have knurls for secure alignment to the desired angle.
Designed and built to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments, the 5 Series outdoor speakers will provide years of trouble-free service. They work in a wide range of temperatures and be unaffected by extremes of humidity. A corrosion-resistant aluminum grille and bracket coupled with the speaker’s rugged environmental design assures durability in any kind of weather. Sealed enclosure offers greater durability against the environment’s rigors.

Origin Acoustics’ OS66 On-wall outdoor speaker with 4×8-inch glass fiber woofer, dual passive radiators, and aluminum dome tweeter

The most popular speaker in the Seasons Collection, the OS66 has just the right blend size and performance to impress everyone who has the chance to hear it. Built around a 4×8-inch woofer and a 1-inch dome tweeter this sleek and attractive enclosure is at home anywhere in the backyard, pool area or sports court. 

Position Collection

A different shape and a different attitude, the outdoor speakers in the Origin Acoustics Position Collection speakers are designed to be mounted just about anywhere. They will project incredible sound from exterior walls, under eaves, on pillars and architectural elements or even freestanding on exterior furniture. These speakers are made from tough and durable injection molded ABS plastic that has been shaped into acoustically tuned cabinets to compliment the hand-selected drivers.