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The C SEED 125 outdoor loudspeakers are hidden in the underground storage casings waiting for activation by a simple push of a button on the C SEED app.

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At the touch of a smartphone or tablet screen button, the C SEED 125 loudspeakers rise out of the ground, providing superior sound to round off perfect days, complement beautiful surroundings and entertain guests at garden parties.

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L’Acoustics passive speaker technology reproduces the entire frequency range with amazing and powerful brilliance. Each speaker projects a 110 degree beam angle, enabling the system to cover even large scale terraces while providing a thoroughly solid, stable sound experience.

Groundbreaking sound

The C SEED 125 loudspeakers are the last word in open-air sound brilliance – a system of passive speakers for configurations ranging from 2.0 stereo to 9.1 surround.

Integrated Harmony

Oakley supply and install C-SEED retractable outdoor speakers including all required construction works. We cover the hole of the Costa del sol, Malaga, Marbella to Sotogrande and beyond…


The beauty and the beast

The name C SEED 125 refers to the peak speaker power, expressed in “decibel sound pressure”, the professional audio industry’s internationally accepted measure of sonic performance.

Flush mount

This version allows seamless integration into decks made of stone, concrete or wood and enables unrestricted combinations of both the architect’s conceptual idea for minimalistic design and the idea of the composer whose music is released in the incredible brilliance by the elevated speakers.

With the flush mount option, the C SEED 125 speakers merge with their surroundings to show a flat, uniform surface when not in use.

Setup Options

The C SEED 125 outdoor speakers and the C SEED 136 outdoor subwoofer can be combinated for setups ranging from 2.0 stereo to impressively powerful 9.1 outdoor surround soundsystems with 7.000 watts respectively 136 dB poweroutput.

the ultimate resonating body

For massive performance, they are built into one-piece metal casings, precision-machined out of massive blocks of aluminium. This provides the ultimate resonating body which makes the most of every single note, from delicate piano passages to screaming guitar riffs.

Powered by L’Acoustics

The heart of the C SEED 125 was created by masters of outdoor speaker engineering. L’Acoustics earned their global fame by bringing superior sound to fabulous festivals, memorable megaevents and unforgettable parties, including Olympic Games openening ceremonies, Superbowl Shows, opera arenas and Broadway productions.

On-board computer

The C SEED 125 is beautiful – and also very smart: Every single speaker is fitted with an on-board computer. It can receive audio signals via streaming protocols, operate as a network client and act as a wifi hotspot. It receives remote control instructions from either the intuitive C SEED app or from LAN-connected notebook or desktop PCs. An equalizer for fine tuning is part of the embedded audio control.

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The C’SEED Sub

from deep down

The frequency band offered by the C SEED 136 subwoofer starts far below the deepest frequency audible to the human ear. This might sound redundant at first, but makes a lot more sense on reflection: These frequencies indeed cannot heard, but they can be felt.

The 136 incorporates a high excursion driver, ultra-low vibration walls and laminar airflow L-vents with a flared profile,….

…. and exceptional level of performance.

power block

Every technical detail is driven by a passion to capture feelings in even the lowest recordable frequencies.

…resulting in dramatic reduction of port noise, maximized dynamics and power handling…